Install a Natural Gas Patio Heater – Here’s How

If you are like many other people who use a home heater, you may want to consider installing a natural gas patio heater. In many cases, natural gas is the less expensive option. This is a great advantage if you don’t want to spend money on electricity, too.

natural gas patio heater ceiling mount

As with any home heater, installing natural gas in your home is easy. With this heater, there are no special tools or labor required. Some people have even had their natural gas heater installed without the use of a professional plumber or electrician. They have simply plugged in the heater, turned it on, and tried to leave it on.

In order to install a natural gas patio heater, you will need to know where to place it. You will need to take measurements of the space. You will also need to purchase the gas line. The tubing will need to be measured and then the holes will need to be drilled. You will also need to determine how high you want the heater to be.

You can have a natural gas patio heater installed in a number of different ways. A double chimney might be the best option. This creates a vent that allows air to get to the heater. The carbon filter will be attached to the heating vent. The vent is closed when you have the chimney in place. You can install it on top of the ceiling.

You will also have the option of installing the heater on the ground level. Again, the carbon filter will be placed in the fireplace and the vent will be positioned beneath the floor or behind a wall. In this case, you will have to drill a hole in the floor or use a special grill to allow the heater to sit on the floor. You will need to check the carpeting to make sure it is impervious to heat.

Other people have turned to a wind chime to attach a natural gas patio heater to the ceiling. This is a great way to add to the aesthetic appeal of the room. Some people prefer to attach a fireplace light to the floor.

Installing a natural gas heater in your home can be an easy and fun experience. In most cases, you will need a few minutes to follow the instructions given to you.