Power supply: 220-240V / 1Ph / 50Hz
Air volume: 470m3/h
Cooling capacity: 12000BTU
Heating capacity: 10000BTU
Power cooling: 3225W
Electricity for heating: 2962W
Dimension: 460Wx435Dx1010H (mm)
Net Weight: 29kg
Gross Weight: 32kg


Power supply: 110-120V / 1Ph / 60Hz
Cooling capacity: 5054W / 17244BTU
Heating capacity: 4725W / 16121BTU
Cooling input power: 2200W / 18.5A
Heating input power: 1970W / 16.3A
Max input water: 2650W / 19.8A
Refrigerant: R410A
Dimension: 30.4Wx29Dx53H (inches)
Net Weight: 221 lbs
Gross Weight: 230 lbs
Loading quantity (20’/40’/40’HQ): 21/48/48


Tonnage: 5TR
Cooling capacity: 60000BTU
Power supply: 380-450V / 3Ph / 50Hz
Air volume: 19000m3/h
Max input power: 27A
Refrigerant: R22
Net weight Indoor/ Outdoor: 55kg / 80kg


Tonnage: 3TR
Cooling capacity / kW: 36000BTU / 4kW
Power supply: 220-240V / 1Ph / 50Hz
Air volume: 1450m3/h
Max input power: 14.10A
Refrigerant: R410


Air conditioners are ideal for quick and cooling the room. It works with condensation drain hose to ensures the discharge of heat and condensation. The exhaust hose or condensate hose is very important to removes the heat. If you preferred to use the mobile air conditioner, make sure that the duct is out in your room to ensure for the cooling temperature. Make sure that there is no warm air comes inside to your room.
If the air air is very humid the system can not able to drain all the moisture.

Split air conditioner or mono split wall air conditioner is also your great choice for cooling your living room or bedroom. Because mono split wall air conditioning is easy to connect and has a very low noise production and economical energy consumption.

All indoor units can be switched ON and OFF for each other. Recommended to use in office spaces, bedroom or living rooms or any closed rooms, this is the best solution for hot summer.

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