How to Design Your Own Outdoor Table Heaters

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How to Design Your Own Outdoor Table Heaters

I remember the summer I spent in college studying at a summer camp, one summer I came home with a family friend who had just recently graduated from college. She had a great big dining table made from a sheet of plywood that summer she had no energy to cook or clean. I soon discovered that in spite of the cold weather outside, the table heaters were still working. It didn’t take long for the stove to be running on the three burners it could easily accept and that was how I learned how to design my own outdoor table heaters.

I don’t recommend buying the “American Table and Chairs,” table heaters that sell for under ten dollars and were not built for outdoor use. These will rarely heat a table and will not work in bad weather conditions. If you are willing to pay more for a table heater that will withstand outdoor use and weather conditions you will find that you will get much more enjoyment from your outdoor patio table.

The heaters that you will find in your garden or garage are also a much better choice for outdoor use and should be built to withstand the temperature variations expected in an outdoor setting. Unlike outdoor table heaters that use propane, you need to place an AC or electrical heating source on the roof or in the garage to provide adequate heat. Outside table heaters will also use a converter to convert the electricity to heat energy so that it can be used by your home.

Now I realize it’s nice to be able to design your own outdoor heaters, but you don’t want to waste a bunch of time. A common mistake is to go out and purchase the cheapest table heater you can find. Sure you get great heat out of a propane heater, but you waste a ton of time heating and cooling the patio every day. Besides, when you bring it into your home it will cost you a pretty penny.

Buying an old heater is a very bad idea. Look at the size of the heater you want to buy. How large do you want the door and heat? How big do you want the wall that will give you the heat. These factors will affect how efficient the heater will be and whether or not it will last.

The best thing to do if you want to purchase a table heater is to shop around. Look at the different sizes and styles available and get a feel for what your needs are.

The table heaters outside have gotten a bad reputation due to a few poorly built units that you can only use for heating your food. These heaters should be avoided.